How to Choose a Workspace for Your Tech Company

With the explosion of demand for coworking space in the past few years, these days it seems rare to find a startup tech company working alone. According to commercial real estate firm Cresa, shared office space could make up 20 per cent of the overall office market by 2027.

Short-term leases are part of the appeal, giving startups the flexibility to take calculated risks without being locked in for five or ten years. Coworking spaces accommodate “I don’t know where this will be in five years” much more easily than traditional office buildings, making them ideal for startups.

Because of the demand, tech startups in Edmonton have a lot of choice when it comes to the right workspace. Whether you need just a desk, or ten desks and a business plan, the Edmonton market has you covered. Here are your options:

Coworking Spaces

Many spaces in Edmonton offer the option to rent anything from a desk to a private office with several workspaces on a monthly basis. These coworking-only spaces usually offer regular community events, and some even have workshops or in-house expertise from service providers.

Is coworking-only space right for my tech startup?

Programming varies by coworking space, and while you’ll be around other businesses, there’s no guarantee they’ll be a good fit for peer support or mentorship. Coworking can be a good option for a tech startup if you need a temporary place for some heads-down work, or general meeting space.

Startup Edmonton

Startup Edmonton supports tech-enabled startups from the idea phase to a functioning business. The Preflight program connects entrepreneurial hopefuls to tools and advice to focus their idea, build their product, and prepare to pitch to customers and investors. Workshops like Business Model 101 help entrepreneurs create a business plan from scratch.

Startup also hosts a variety of coworking options out of the Mercer Building, ranging from drop-in access to dedicated desks.

Is Startup Edmonton right for my tech startup?

If you’re just starting out with an idea, Startup Edmonton is an excellent option to join a group of founders in the same position and learn together. It has the educational resources to set you up for success, a close-knit community of tech startups that fosters creative collisions, and can accommodate both solopreneurs and small teams.

TEC Edmonton

TEC Edmonton’s Launch Program offers access to the TEC Innovation District coworking space in Enterprise Square for up to four team members, along with supports like weekly strategic meetings, monthly pulse check meetings, creation of a six-month work plan, and coaching on pitching to angel investors.

Is TEC Edmonton right for my tech startup?

The Launch Program caters to startups at the prototype stage that are interested in growth and a collaborative community of entrepreneurs. If you need support to move your product from a prototype to a market-ready product, TEC Edmonton is perfect for you.

Advanced Technology Centre

The ATC, located in Edmonton Research Park, caters to tech-enabled businesses who have reached (or are about to reach) a rapid growth stage. With flexible spaces up to 1,500 sq feet and month-to-month leases, ATC can keep pace with you as you add to your team.

Is ATC right for my tech startup?

ATC has plenty of programming and community events geared towards scaling startups, including the popular Biz Clinic, where a business expert comes into the space for office hours to mentor members. Guest experts range from marketing pros to venture capitalists. It also partners with Rainforest Alberta to bring regular innovation-focused networking events to ATC with participants from government partners, service providers, and entrepreneurs of all stripes.

If you have a product in market and it’s time for you to scale big, ATC is your best choice for flexibility and support.

Still wondering?

If you’re still not sure where you belong, or you’re looking for specific resources, the TEC Edmonton Navigator can help. Fill out this brief form about what you’re looking for, and the Navigator will schedule a meeting with you to determine your needs and your best options.