Start-to-Scale Expertise and Inspiration

Unexpected Partnerships and Unprecedented Opportunities

The ATC is proud to be a vibrant community hub for so many flourishing startups, dreamers, and game changers. Our members and alumni form a supportive and engaged network that rallies together to champion one another as they pursue their own creations. Through mentorship, friendship, and shared experiences, the ATC community provides an inspiring and encouraging place to grow.

Learn and Grow with ATC Programs

More than just a workplace, ATC offers programming and events to help you through growing pains and support you as you tackle hurdles along the way.

  • Get the right support at the right time with our monthly Biz Clinic, information sessions, and workshops.
  • Engage entrepreneurs during ERP Connect, Founder’s Forum, industry mixers, and other ATC community events.
  • Discover new opportunities through EEDC, including the potential to accompany Edmonton trade missions oversees and benefit from their marketing support.

Discover Expertise Right Next Door

No matter where you are in ATC, the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program’s office is right down the hall. They provide easy-to-access technical and business advice, as well as financial support for qualified creators.

Get Connected to External Innovators

ATC has a wide network of companies and resource agencies that can connect with you on everything from prototype development to funding and marketing services.

Spark Big Ideas with Fellow Entrepreneurs

The spark of an ATC event can ignite big breakthroughs. When our company founders and staff get together the knowledge sharing and mixing of expertise naturally leads to business growth, stronger networks, unexpected partnerships and collaboration.


When you’re ready to transition to other strategic locations in the Edmonton region, we’ll work with you to make sure it’s as successful and seamless as possible. Check out our alumni program.