The ATC Team

Rajesh Jaiswal, Manager |

Rajesh has been serving as Manager of the Advanced Technology Centre since October 2016. He works closely with industry partners to provide its member companies with programming, services, and networking opportunities to scale their product and launch the next big thing.

Prior to his current role, he served in the Knowledge Management division of EEDC and Industry Liaison of TEC Edmonton. In addition, Rajesh previously managed India’s premier cattle semen production centre and served as Chief Scientist for a human-IVF startup. He has extensive experience in a variety of fields paired with years of education. He earned multiple degrees including an MBA and a PhD, achieved four first-time scientific records, and received 23 merit awards at university, national, and international levels. He also ran a successful food business while studying in Saskatoon at the University of Saskatchewan.

Rajesh continues to be a passionate and supportive member of the ATC community, connecting members with the resources they need to build a successful company.

Skye Kihara, Community Program Administrator |

In August 2019, Skye started with the Advanced Technology Centre as the Community Program Administrator. With a background in international development and events management, Skye works to build the community at ATC by bringing members together in a collective and collaborative environment. She works closely with Edmonton’s service providers to give members the programs, events, and resources they need to build the next big thing. In addition, Skye provides administrative support relative to lease agreements, data entry, surveys, reporting, and more.

Skye’s passion for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship was first realized when she visited the offices of LinkedIn, Google, and Apple in Silicon Valley. Since then, Skye has been eager to create value for passionate entrepreneurs who are transforming ideas into reality. In 2015, her passion heightened when she competed in the Miss Universe Canada Pageant, where she saw opportunities to synergize both beauty and technology.

When Skye isn’t in the office, you can find her travelling around the world, experiencing culture through architecture, natural beauties, and food.