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Nanoprecise Sci Corp uses vibration to see exactly when equipment will fail

By Michelle Ferguson

An Edmonton entrepreneur is completely disrupting the field of maintenance engineering with his patent-pending vibration sensors.

An avid reader and consummate learner, Sunil Vedula has always been interested in the power of predictive modelling. Rather than get rich off stock market predictions, however, the mechanical engineer turned his attention to the field of material sciences — using the latest discoveries in artificial intelligence to help companies predict when and how their industrial equipment will fail. [READ MORE]

CES 2019 Innovation Honoree Umay Rest relieves eye strain, dry eye

When Ali Habib went to his optometrist in 2010, he was prescribed a warm compress treatment — whereby patients apply warm, wet towels to their eyelids for five to 10 minutes daily to help with symptoms of digital eye strain.

He did it once. Lying on his bed with water dripping into his ears and soaking his pillow, the Umay Care founder and CEO thought there’s no way he was doing this again. [READ MORE]

Metabolomics makes colorectal cancer detection easier

A made-in-Alberta solution for the prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer is one step closer to mass adoption.

In October 2018, Metabolomics Technologies Inc. announced the launch of a $1.4-million project to evaluate a new colorectal cancer screening program using its flagship product, PolypDx.

PolypDx is the first and only urine test for the detection of precancerous polyps in the colon. [READ MORE]

How to Choose a Workspace for Your Tech Company

With the explosion of demand for coworking space in the past few years, these days it seems rare to find a startup tech company working alone. According to commercial real estate firm Cresa, shared office space could make up 20 per cent of the overall office market by 2027.

Short-term leases are part of the appeal, giving startups the flexibility to take calculated risks without being locked in for five or ten years. [READ MORE]

News Release:Clinisys EMR Inc. and Microsoft Canada advance electronic medical records

Clinisys EMR Inc. and Microsoft Canada collaborate to advance cloud-based electronic medical records

Minister Deron Bilous from Alberta Economic Development and Trade congratulates Clinisys EMR Inc. on alliance and welcomes Microsoft to Alberta

Clinisys EMR Inc., (Clinisys) an Edmonton-based Health Data Analytics and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions provider announced on April 21, 2017 it will be working with Microsoft Canada (Microsoft) to bring cloud solutions that will benefit the patient population across Canada and allow Clinisys EMR to expand its reach across Canada, and globally. [READ MORE]