Metabolomic Technologies Inc.

Metabolomic Technologies Inc. (MTI) is a privately held Canadian company based in Edmonton, Canada. MTI specializes in metabolomics-based diagnostics for the healthcare market. MTI’s flagship product, PolypDx™, is the first and only urine-based test with a high sensitivity for detecting adenomatous polyps, the precursor to colorectal cancer (CRC). PolypDx™ provides healthcare professionals with a new tool for early screening and detection, enabling the timely removal of polyps before they progress to colorectal cancer.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp

Nanoprecise Sci Corp develops and distributes diagnostic and prognostic technologies that monitor equipment and structures to avoid failures and costly downtime. Their real-time monitoring systems provides one of the best prediction rates for a variety of industries including power generation, oil and gas, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical. Their ‘unique’ patent-pending solution (hardware + software) combines physics, material science, and data analytics to diagnose issues with physical assets such as machinery and predicts the ‘Remaining Time to Failure.’

SciMed – Nanospeed Diagnostics

Nanospeed Diagnostics provides portable, innovative, and rapid testing solutions to the healthcare sector.

Incorporated in 2009, Nanospeed has developed proprietary diagnostic/screening test kit platforms based on our Lateral Flow Immuno-Assay (LIFA) and our “Lab-On-a-Chip”(LOC) technology. These technological advancements provide our clients with cost-effective and reliable testing tools that address the increasing needs of the healthcare industry, regulatory agencies and consumers.