Metabolomic Technologies Inc.

Metabolomic Technologies Inc. (MTI) is a spin-off of the University of Alberta specializing in metabolomics-based diagnostics for the healthcare market. Focused on driving novel research findings to commercial products, MTI’s research and application has broken ground to provide tools for early screening and detection of certain cancers. [READ MORE]

Nanoprecise Scientific Corporation

Nanoprecise Scientific Corporation develops and distributes diagnostic and prognostic technologies that monitor equipment and structures to avoid failures and costly downtime. Their real-time monitoring systems provides one of the best prediction rates for a variety of industries including power generation, oil and gas, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical. [READ MORE]

SciMed / Biolipids

SciMed Technologies researches, develops, and commercializes state-of-the-art diagnostic kits for food safety and nutritional testing. SciMed’s diagnostic technologies are used around the world to improve testing and ensure foods deliver the labeled amounts of vitamins and nutrients. [READ MORE]

Nanospeed Diagnostics Inc.

Nanospeed Diagnostics provides portable, innovative, and rapid testing solutions to the healthcare sector. They have developed diagnostic/screening test-kit platforms that improve the efficiency of testing to address the increased demands on the healthcare industry, regulatory agencies, and consumers. [READ MORE]