Clinisys provides a variety of secure, user-friendly software for small and large providers in the healthcare industry. Some of their applications include patient record management, mobile patient data, and billing solutions for clients from single or multi-physician clinics to government health authorities. [READ MORE]

Cyanic Automation

Cyanic Automation provides custom and turnkey business and safety automation software. Some of their programming includes electronic health, safety, and environment software for a desktop or mobile device that allows organizations to operate more efficiently with less training. [READ MORE]

Cadence Solutions

Cadence Solutions

Cadence Solutions delivers the Enterprise Content Management suite as an exclusive partner with OpenText. This technology creates a simple and flexible digital information management plan that reduces risk and lowers the cost of handling large volumes of digital content. [READ MORE]

Millennium Three Technologies

Millennium Three Technologies (Mill3tech) supplies augmented reality technologies for business and gaming applications. They license their computer vision tracking technology as a building block in larger systems, and sell complete software systems composed of mobile apps and cloud servers. [READ MORE]

Rational Robotics

Rational Robotics are the creators of a robot and programming service that automates the painting of car parts. Directed by the software, the robot can paint a range of small to large parts and complex colour combinations with professional-level accuracy, quality, and speed. [READ MORE]

Stream Technologies

Stream Technologies are the developers of the ColorFlow Lens™, an innovative technology that allows users to see things not visible to the human eye in real-time, like nitrogen in a leaf, disease on a plant, or contaminant in a product. Coupled with Stream’s robust software, ColorFlow Lens™ is heavily utilized across industries. [READ MORE]

Frontech Solutions / Mitab Team

Frontech Solutions is a software development company focused on solving industrial automation and management problems through web-driven solutions. They provide consultation, design, programming, installation, maintenance, and support services to clients worldwide.


Trifork Learning

Trifork Learning is an e-Assessment software delivery company. The product suite is modular so you can choose and select to complete your assessment platform. They deliver software products to the Educate, Skill and Employ. [READ MORE]