Clinisys provides a variety of secure, user-friendly software for small and large providers in the healthcare industry. Some of their applications include patient record management, mobile patient data, and billing solutions for clients from single or multi-physician clinics to government health authorities.

Cyanic Automation

Cyanic Automation is a cloud-based solution for professional services firms. It combines project accounting, resource management, project management, time/expense management and business development in one product.

Cyanic Automation provides critical business data in real time through role-based graphical dashboards, customizable reports and alerts. With Cyanic Automation, firms manage all aspects of financials including AP, AR, budgeting and revenue recognition.


Millennium3Technologies (Mill3tech) supplies augmented reality technologies for business and gaming applications. They license their computer vision tracking technology as a building block in larger systems, and sell complete software systems composed of mobile apps and cloud servers.

Mill3tech’s ProductionAR is a line of industrial augmented reality solutions for factories, warehouses, engineering, repair depots, and other enterprise clients.

Rational Robotics

Rational Robotics is changing the landscape of robotics by creating custom-made robots, software, and sensors for any and all industrial application from the factory to the shop floor. Through the use of computer vision, our robots are able to undertake, accomplish, and automate whatever task is given to them. Because of this, Rational Robotics is able to make robotic automation economically viable, even in low quantities.

Stream Technologies

Stream is an analytics company specializing in machine learning and spectroscopy. Stream is changing the way detection is done in the world by providing non-technical people a way to build predictive machine learning models using a cloud-based analytics engine. By simply uploading images and clicking a “Train” button, detecting things like the presence of a disease or fungus in plants, or predicting a specific value like the percentage of protein in barley, or nutrient levels in soil becomes simple and eliminates the need to wait for test results from a lab.